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“… we have been consistently impressed with Konduit´s professionalism, dedication, and quality of work.
Their commitment to delivering high-quality results and their ability to communicate effectively with customers have greatly contributed to the success of our projects. I wholeheartedly recommend Konduit to any prospective collaborators. They have proven themselves to be reliable, competent, and trustworthy partners and I am confident that they will continue to excel in any endeavour they pursue.”

Perfecte Sanchis, Managing Director
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“Over a period of nine months, Konduit have assisted us pragmatically with our UK market entry and helped effectively to position ourselves as a partner both for large corporate clients as well as distributors. We jointly developed a strategic plan and, with us or on our behalf, Konduit gave presentations to target customers, attended several exhibitions and conferences, and held discussions which have led to multi-million-pound RFQs/tenders. We can recommend Konduit as a pragmatic, reliable and success-oriented business development partner and would not hesitate to integrate Konduit into our international sales team again.”

Jarmo Rajala, President and CEO
Nestor Cables Oy
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“Many thanks for the focused and quick development of the relevant target groups in our quest to establish a sales channel for our process air technology products in the UK market. A big thank you also for the always enjoyable cooperation and the excellent skills of your team to analyse the relevant contacts and to establish the direct connection.”

Ralf Widmann

“Konduit understood our company’s needs properly and supported us with market research and the search and selection of partners in the UK market. We were supported with both the first business connections as well as initial market penetration. We received very good service and for us as a start-up company entering the UK market, it was a very good value for money.”

Uri Stoin
Alpha Cleantec AG

“We commissioned Konduit to conduct a market survey for our products and services, which was provided in a detailed and structured form and explained it in a competent manner. The information gained is an important component for our decisions regarding the UK market. The cooperation has always been goal-oriented, characterised by very good and customer-oriented communication. We are looking forward to our further cooperation.”

Stefan Winhauer
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“we have worked with Konduit for a number of years now and find they are very helpful for overseas companies looking to gain an understanding of the UK market for trade purposes.”

Adam Titchen​
West Midlands Growth Company

“… great dedication and the highest professionalism … setting up of our Limited company and the opening of the bank account, for which Konduit took on the roles of interim Managing Director and sole shareholder. This also contributed to our simplified and speedy UK market entry.”

Bernd Ackerl
VST Building Technologies AG

“…represented our company and brands with the highest integrity and continuously demonstrated professionalism and enthusiasm. We recommend Konduit highly as partner to support your ambitions for the UK market.”

Mike Getzlaff
Wolf Power Systems

“Konduit were involved on a key business development project – it is always a challenge to move an advanced science project through from concept, to demonstration mode, to commercial viability.

Konduit’s active engagement helped us move a complex, multi-national initiative forward – both in the UK and beyond Their practical and pragmatic approach to identifying solutions and their strong networking and communication capabilities had a real impact on the projects.”

Prof. Andreas Hornung
EBRI, European Bioenergy Research Institute

“Konduit acted as our UK sales team for a number of years to develop the British market and maximise our chances. The activities were very results-oriented, efficient and effective. Konduit supported us continuously in a dynamic and flexible way, utilising an extensive network and representing us at exhibitions, conferences and other events. We had found a cost-effective and strategic partner for our UK-market entry, development and customer services.”

Jacob de Mol
Dreyer & Bosse

“Konduit helped us to set up our UK subsidiary, which is vital for our strong UK market presence. Through Konduit´s One-Stop-Shop concept, we have instant access to German-speaking accountancy and legal services.

Konduit led our business development activities and represented us on a flexible and cost-effective retainer basis in the UK market from their offices at the Warwick University Science Park, whilst we co-managed the engineering and higher business level contacts to build the relationships with our new UK partners.

We appointed a Konduit director as our UK Managing Director and were thus represented at the Renewable Energy Association, the Coventry & Warwick Chamber of Commerce as well as the German-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We valued Konduit´s pragmatic approach and found that their cross-cultural abilities and connections helped us to get the message across easily and quickly. I had re-chosen this arrangement with Konduit, as I found at a previous company that this type of local representation offers us an effective way into the market. We considered Konduit as part of our team and our relationship as strategic”.

Michael Feldman

“…an outstanding partnership …we are now represented by several new sales partners. … we commend Konduit on their continuing marketing and partner support. …providing a flexible and focused services, speedy and efficient communications as well as excellent availability in the target market which makes them a first-class partner.”

Christoph Mayer

“… prepared our entry into the UK market and … we were able to make considerable progress with a number of projects after our first visit… selection of suitable partners, the arrangements and guidance with the first discussions were excellent. We are now planning to form a UK subsidiary and to appoint Konduit as our directors and operational management.”

Dr. Thomas Brückner
Phaidon Energy GmbH
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“…was a pleasure to work with, offering many suggestions on relevant content…extremely knowledgeable on developing business in the market and the cultural considerations required to succeed…”

Juliet Lawton
Department for International Trade

“…the market analysis is of a high-quality, substantial and precise. In a second phase, we instructed Konduit to prepare and participate in negotiations with potential sales partners for our company.”

Michael Putz