Assessing the UK Market

If you are about to enter the UK market, your first activity will most likely be to establish the true potential for your particular products and services.

With many years’ experience of undertaking such projects and backed by our wide range of industry contacts, we will be able to provide a meaningful market assessment for you.

This will enable you to be confident that there is a worthwhile market to develop and also to decide on the best-possible route to your future customers and partners.

Typically taking around one month, our executive reports include a variety of practical and cost-effective recommendations and will enable you to make the key decision of Go/No Go and how to make it as easy as possible for your future customers to do business with you.

For most companies entering the UK market, there are two main routes to market:

Via a sales/distribution and service partner

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A direct approach to customers

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In order to realise your maximum market potential, a local presence is often the next logical step following an initial market entry success.

Particularly for more established companies and those involved in large scale projects, a formal arrangement with a UK company will be either desirable or necessary.