Developing UK Sales

Where the market assessment highlights this as the best route or where it is agreed that this is the logical starting point, we will represent you and manage your customer relationships strategically.

Alternatively, you may have already started your UK business development activities but are now requiring local and hands-on support to win sales.

Konduit can become an integral part of your sales team, with email addresses and business cards. We regularly represent our clients at exhibitions and other events, such as industry associations.

Work is carried out on a cost-effective basis with rewards partly based on successful outcomes.

​We also provide support with marketing strategies and implementation of the resulting marketing plans.

In our experience, companies need to engage in a variety of marketing activities to become successful in the UK market. These will include a UK-focused online presence, social media (such as LinkedIn) and networking events. Promoting new products in the UK market requires a well-worked out and continuous campaign.

Here is an example of how we are doing this currently

Contact us today to discuss your plans and how we can help you to grow your UK business

Particularly for more established companies and those involved in large scale projects, a formal arrangement with a UK company will be either desirable or necessary.