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Trading and Investing in the United Kingdom

The cost-effective way to your successful market entry and expansion

We are hopeful that Covid-19 and the resulting restrictions are not causing you any great difficulties. Please contact us at any time to discuss your plans and requirements for the UK market.

The UK is one of the most open and advanced countries in the world to do business and run a company. Let us help you to start and grow here now.

With a population approaching 70 million, it is the second-largest economy in Europe and the sixth-largest globally. This market offers significant opportunities for companies which offer high-quality and innovative solutions, truly understand the requirements of British customers and have an excellent strategy in place.

With a combined team experience of over 180 years, embracing more than 30 different business sectors (both B2B and B2C), Konduit will support you every step of the way in the UK market.

De-risk your UK activities with our cost-effective and flexible services, whilst our pragmatic and success-oriented approach will get you to your success in the UK swiftly.

Your one-stop shop from assessing market opportunities to finding partners, winning sales through to investing in the UK and managing your operation:

Assessing the UK Market

For many companies, the first stage of looking at the UK market is to assess the true potential in the market for their particular products and services and the routes to market.

Finding UK Partners

In many cases, the outcome of the market assessment identifies the need to work with a local sales and service partners to achieve success.

Developing UK Sales

Where the Market Assessment highlights this as the best route or where it is agreed that this is the logical starting point, we will represent you and manage your customer relationships strategically.

setting up in UK

Setting up in the UK

In order to realise the full market potential of your offering, a local presence is often the next logical step right from the start or following your successful market entry.


Investing in the UK

Particularly for more established companies and those involved in large scale projects, a formal arrangement with a UK company will be either desirable or necessary.

Interim UK Management

For companies who are serious about the UK market but wary of employing their own people in the early days, Konduit offers the ability to provide a local management team on a retainer with short-term contracts.

Contact us today to discuss your plans and how we can help you to grow your UK business

We have considerable senior business development experience across a broad range of industry sectors

Pragmatic, success-oriented and working on short-, medium- and long-term projects

Comprehensive professional support on specialist topics when we don’t know all the answers

“…represented our company and brands with the highest integrity and continuously demonstrated professionalism and enthusiasm. We recommend Konduit highly as partner to support your ambitions for the UK market.”

Mike Getzlaff

International Sales Manager, Wolf Power Systems

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